FOM: Hintikka on branching quantifiers in mathematics - IF logic

Neil Tennant neilt at
Sat Mar 17 11:58:52 EST 2001

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Jeffrey Ketland wrote:

> There's an excellent review of Hintikka's book in Mind couple of years back:
> [2] Velleman, Daniel J. 1999: _Review of Hintikka 1996_. Mind 108 (Jan
> 1999), pp. 170-179.

FOMers might also be interested in my critical review of Hinitkka's book:

"Games Some People Would Have All Of Us PLay", Philosophia Mathematics 6,
1998, pp. 90-115.

I have five or six offprints left, if anyone would like one.

Neil Tennant

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