FOM: Foundations of Science journal

Alasdair Urquhart urquhart at
Mon Mar 12 22:16:44 EST 2001

The moving spirit behind this journal appears to be
Diederik Aerts, a very energetic individual originally
trained as a physicist.  See his web page

There is a very long statement "World Views:
from fragmentation to integration" available on his web page.

For myself, I find these kind
of "broad brush" statements about "world views" not at all 
useful, in fact rather tedious and boring -- however, this
kind of thing may be to other people's taste, and I would
urge FOM subscribers to have a look for themselves.

When poking around in the new book shelf in the local science
and medicine library, I found a whole series of books Aerts 
co-edited called "Einstein meets Magritte: an interdisciplinary
reflection."  These seemed to me a rather mixed bag; like
a lot of "interdisciplinary" work, they seemed to contain some
useful articles with a fair amount of marginal and fluffy material.
However, I can't say I studied them closely. 

I should add that 
the advisory board of "Foundations of Science" includes a lot
of very good people.  The special issues are edited by guest editors
so I imagine they vary considerably in quality.  Has anyone seen any of
the special issues?

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