FOM: Re: How to help promote f.o.m.

Steve Collins scollins at
Fri Mar 9 23:05:50 EST 2001


My name is Steve Collins and I'm a Ph.D. student in mathematics.  I've
been following this discussion closely because I myself am very interested
in mathematics _and_ its philosophy, and as such have encountered many of
the precise obstacles and discouragements that you describe.

So, I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has suggestions, ideas, or
recommendations to make to a current student in my situation.  I must
admit that "...they have a few ideas they consider philosophical and have
looked at a philosophy book or two" describes me to a tee; my
philosophical background as it stands is meager at best.  It's difficult
to rectify this situation within the confines of a mathematics graduate
program, however, and I do very much want to write a _mathematics_

The good news is that I am at UC Irvine.  If it's possible to pull off
something like this anywhere, one would think it would be here, with
Foreman and Eklof on the one side and Maddy and Antonelli on the other.
(That's one of the main reasons I wanted to come here, after all.)   One
idea that just now occurred to me is that perhaps I could work towards
something akin to a Master's in logic and philosophy of science while
simultaneously working towards my Ph.D. (although, LPS does not have a
formal Master's program).

Best regards,
Steve Collins

P.S. to Pen and Aldo: It occurs to me that by posting this to FOM I might
be putting you "on the spot" a bit, which is not my intention.  I'm just
trying to provoke some interesting brainstorming.  Certainly I would be
particularly interested in your opinions either on or off list.

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