FOM: How to help promote f.o.m.

Joe Shipman shipman at
Fri Mar 2 14:12:54 EST 2001


But at an intellectual level, what can be done? A viable intellectual
movement would go a long way towards facilitating 1 or 2 above. Perhaps
the single clearest intellectual suggestion is:

**the development of philosophically critical expositions of
mathematical subjects, and specifically a philosophically critical
exposition of f.o.m.**


I think there needs to be a support system, such as journals, jobs,
prestige, etc.   Without such support, it's hard to envision great
development in a joint area.

Hmmm.  Maybe it's time for Steve, Harvey, and Martin to found an online
journal called "Foundations of Mathematics" (if that isn't already
taken) which accepts finished (and referreed and typeset) papers rather
than informal bulletin board postings.   To be acceptable a paper would
have to have mathematical interest and be philosophically competent, or
have philosophical interest and be mathematically competent, but
preference would be given to papers of both philosophical and
mathematical interest.  Philosophically critical expositions of
mathematical subjects, for example.

I'm willing to volunteer my services as a referee.  FOM subscribers who
have made substantial contributions to the FOM list could help
jump-start this journal by reworking some of their postings into a more
careful and polished form.

-- Joe Shipman

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