FOM: Boole, Probability, and Material Implication

Steve Stevenson steve at
Fri Jun 22 08:14:40 EDT 2001


I said that because of the funny status of the text. Surely, Jaynes
was a legitimate force in physics and in applying Bayesian ideas to
physics. The book is in a funny state---grad students at Washington
University continue to work on it, but it's not complete.

When I have talked about the book in science, math, or philosophical
circles, it has received all sorts of reviews. Most have at least
commented on the lack of rigor, etc. Since I had no idea where the
text stood with this reading group, I thought I was playing it safe :-)

I personally have found the text intriquing and I like his somewhat
verbose, explanatory style. As a constructivist, I think his approach
is more in tune with my view of the subject --- although I'm an
amateur at this. 


Robert M. Solovay writes:
 > Steve,
 > 	Why do you use the pejorative "cult" in connection with Jayne's
 > text?
 > 	--Bob Solovay

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