FOM: Quine and subtraction

John Baldwin jbaldwin at
Wed Feb 28 23:43:19 EST 2001

I want to thank Alan Hazen for pointing to the

W.V.O. Quine (Method of generating part of arithmetic
without using intuitive logic; Bulletin of A.M.S. 40 (1934) 753-761).

which answered my question about giving an equational basis for 

This is an excuse for thanking Harvey and Steve for starting fom which
proves such a rich resource for such queries (while also serving its
more central purposes.)

information with no moral drawn.  The Quine paper (which is, by our
standards, technically trivial although it makes nice use of canonical
forms appeared in the Bulletin of the AMS; the only reference is to
a paper by Huntington in the Annals.  

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