FOM: Infinitary Ramsey Theory and Mathias forcing

Adrian-Richard-David Mathias Adrian-Richard-David.Mathias at
Wed Feb 21 10:30:04 EST 2001

I am seeking to compile two bibliographies: one a bibliography of infinitary 
Ramsey theory, and the second a bibliography of papers or books that 
specifically discuss, apply or develop any variant of Mathias forcing. 

This is not just vanity on my part --- 
serious reasons underlie my request !  

Therefore any help you can give me with citations, preferably 
sent by email, of papers by you or others which would come under one or 
the other heading, would be most helpful. I should also welcome 
the names, preferably given with their email addresses, of others whom you 
know to have contributed to these areas and whom I might in turn approach. 

Many thanks for your co-operation. 

Adrian Mathias 

ardm at 

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