FOM: Boolos on Cantor's Theorem

H. Enderton hbe at
Mon Feb 12 15:14:20 EST 2001

Mark Steiner wrote:
>Since Cantor's Theorem is under discussion, I thought I would send along
>an letter I received about Cantor's Theorem from the late George Boolos,
>not long before his untimely death.  I'm not sure whether he ever
>published this.

[There follows Boolos's construction, given a function f from P(S)
into S, of an explicit counterexample to injectivity of f.]

Yes, Boolos did publish that.  I *think* it was in Constructing 
Cantorian counterexamples, Journal of philosophical logic, vol. 26
(1997), pp. 237-239.  I don't have that in front me to check, though.

Funny how every three years the diagonal argument makes a splash.

--Herb Enderton

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