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		       August 6---11,2001
			 Vienna, AUSTRIA

 The LC2001, the 2001 European Summer Meeting of the Association
 of Symbolic Logic (ASL) will take place in Vienna. The LC2001
 starts on Monday, August 6 and runs till Saturday, August 11.
 The conference venues are the Vienna University of Technology
 and the University of Vienna.

 These venues were chosen to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the
 publication of Gödel's famous Incompleteness Theorem. In 1931
 Kurt Gödel was working in Vienna and lecturing at the University
 of Vienna.

 The Logic Colloquium is the major international conference which
 integrates all fields of mathematical logic and its applications.
 Owing to its interdisciplinary and foundational character, it brings
 together outstanding researchers and students not only in classical
 logic, but also in fields such as theoretical computer science,
 computational logic, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and
 philosophy of logic and mathematics.
 The Logic Colloquium provides an important opportunity
 for young researchers to disseminate their results and to obtain
 feedback both from their peers and from senior members of the

 The program will include 15 plenary talks, featuring among
 others, lectures by Olga Kharlampovich (who recently solved
 Tarski's problem), Saharon Shelah, and Toshiyasu Arai.

 The 'Colloquium' has 6 different sessions:

     Set Theory
     Model Theory
     Proof Theory and Proof Search
     Computability Theory
     Philosophy and History of Logic
     Computer Science and Complexity Theory

 In addition, the LC2001 will include two tutorials. Owing to the
 scientific heritage of Vienna, two evening events have been planned,
 which are open to the public.


 Abstracts of contributed talks are limited to 300 words, including
 title, headings and references. They must be submitted in hard
 copy by ordinary mail or in a plain text email. Electronically submitted
 abstracts should be either plain text or in PostScript format.

 The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 1, 2001.

 The abstracts of all keynote lectures will be published in the
     'Bulletin of Symbolic Logic'.
 The abstracts of contributed talks will be published in the 'Bulletin',
 provided at least one author is member of the ASL. Abstracts
 of all lectures and talks will appear in a volume handed out to the
 participants of the Colloquium.


 Financial support for students and recent PhD will be available.

 One source of funding is the ASL. Moroever we expect funding from the
 European Union and the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science, and
 Culture. These funds are directed especially towards students from the
 European Union, from Central and East European countries, as well as
 from newly independent States of the former Soviet Union.
 Please check the homepage for the newest informations.

 The deadline for applying for financial support is April 1, 2001.


 Please register electronically at http//


   Submission of Abstracts: May 1, 2001
   Application for Travel Grants: April 1, 2001

   Jan Krajicek, Czech Academy of Science, krajicek at

   Matthias Baaz, Universtity of Technology, Vienna, baaz at

   M. Arslanov (Kazan)
   M. Baaz (Vienna)
   W. Buchholz (Munich)
   S. Friedman (Vienna)
   D. Isaacson (Oxford)
   C. Jockusch (Illinois)
   J. Krajicek (Prague), Chair
   L. Newelski (Wroclaw), resigned in April'00
   J. Paris (Manchester)
   JP. Ressayre (Paris)
   L. van den Dries (Illinois)
   B. Velickovic (Paris)
   A. Visser (Amsterdam)

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