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Mon Feb 5 14:39:42 EST 2001

Fom subscribers in UK may be interested in a forthcoming talk by Saul
Kripke. (I apologise if anyone has already received this message distributed
by the British Logic Colloquium.)

Saul Kripke (Princeton University) will give a lecture at 2 p.m. on Tuesday,
13 February, under the auspices of the Sub-Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford
University, in the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford. The subject of
his lecture will be "The road to Gödel".

Abstract: Gödel's first incompleteness theorem hit the logical world as a
shock, surprising leading mathematicians and logicians. In this talk I hope
to show how his result, in the very form that he presents it, is the
inevitable outgrowth of something that had earlier shocked many in the
set-theoretical world, namely the inconsistency of the naive (unrestricted)
comprehension principle. Gödel's formula, exactly as it occurs in his paper,
is best viewed as a special case of this line of thought. I argue that this
is a better way of understanding his formula than the best known way of
motivating it (which derives from his paper), namely as an ingenious trick
leading to an analogue of the Liar Paradox.

Convenor: Daniel Isaacson, Sub-Faculty of Philosophy, 10 Merton Street,
(01865) 276929, daniel.isaacson at


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