FOM: BEATCS online

V.Z. Nuri vznuri at
Fri Aug 3 12:24:28 EDT 2001

hi all. this is the absolute best
collection of online papers on
complexity theory Ive run across
after surfing over the web for
years. its the bulletin of the
european assoc for theoretical
computer science. very cutting
edge results.

there is a paper by hartmanis
from 1993, "on the importance of being
pi_2 hard" that seems to be highly related
to the current thread. I wish I could
tell you exactly how..!! maybe someone
else can.. but basically
it links up complexity theory with
logic results. he also talks about
bridging the gap between them as
a future research agenda.

hartmanis is basically the grandfather
of complexity theory, to reach for some
kind of metaphor..

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