FOM: What Is Computing bibliography

Charles Parsons parsons2 at
Wed Aug 1 11:07:41 EDT 2001

At 9:07 AM -0400 8/1/01, Steve Stevenson wrote:
>   author =	 {Joseph Schoenfield},
>   title =	 {Recursion Theory},
>   publisher =	 {Springer},
>   year =	 1993,
>   series =	 {Lecture Notes in Logic}
>%I have always wondered if there is any taker of the idea that computation is
>%essentially a proof by Intuitionistic logic with/without(?) countable
>%choice. That is to say that if I have a proof that there is a fixed point
>%for certain function in Intuitionistic Logic then I can compute it.

Regarding Shoenfields LNL book, you introduced a misspelling that was 
absent in Tait's posting. It's Shoenfield, not Schoenfield.

Charles Parsons

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