FOM: Offer of offprints

Neil Tennant neilt at
Mon Apr 30 17:00:43 EDT 2001

The journal Philosophia Mathematica is not taken by as many libraries as
it ought to be. So I am offering left-over offprints once again to anyone
who might be interested. The paper is `On Turing Machines Knowing Theor
Own G"odel-Sentences', and the abstract is as follows:

Storrs McCall appeals to a particular true-but-unprovable sentence of
formal arithmetic to argue, by appeal to its irrefutability, that
human minds transcend Turing machines. Metamathematical oversights in
McCall's discussion of the G"odel phenomena, however, render
invalid his philosophical argument for this transcendentalist

It's just a little twist in the ongoing debate between Mechanists and
Transcendalists. If you'd like a copy, please send me a private email with
your snail-mail address.

Neil Tennant

Neil W. Tennant
Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science
230 North Oval
The Ohio State University

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