FOM: Re: SOL confusion

Roger Bishop Jones rbjones at
Thu Sep 7 16:20:43 EDT 2000

In response to Harvey Friedman Thursday, September 07, 2000 3:19 PM

> >The point has been made that it is possible to express in SOL
> >which cannot be expressed in FOL (under its usual semantics).
> When expressed entirely in terms of the usual semantics, this has been
> realized, at least in some form, for over 100 years. The machinery to
> demonstrably refute is more recent, perhaps 70 years ago.

Could you clarify this response for me.
You *seem* in your first sentence to be saying that the point is long
established, but I am unable to place any interpretation on your second
What machinery are you speaking of and what does it refute?

Roger Jones

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