FOM: determinate truth values

Arnon Avron aa at
Tue Sep 5 04:59:53 EDT 2000

> I agree: no "self evident" principles. I believe (and again your own work 
> will play a key role) that mathematicians will become comfortable with the 
> view that they must work with principles that are not "self evident".

If you mean that mathematicians will become comfortable with taking
truth values of propositions as *determinated* when they manage to derive them
using principles which are not self-evident (in contast to stating only
that they are entailed by those principles), then I truly hope that you are
wrong. For me at least, this will not be MATHEMATICS any more.

  I apologized for my old-fasioned, conservative view about what Mathematics
is, and what distinguishes it from all other sciences.

Arnon Avron
School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

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