FOM: standard framework

Thomas Forster T.Forster at
Tue Oct 3 11:54:59 EDT 2000

I think Allen's question was not `when was ZF codified' but
`when did it become the industry standard'.   Let us not 
forget that despite 
``Hausdorff's "Grundzuege" (1914) and "Mengenlehre" (1928), 
let alone numerous articles on 
foundations (set theory and topology) in 20s and 30s "
Goedels' incompleteness paper in its title alludes to the
axiomatisation of Ruseell-whitehead.  Quine certainly writes
in `New Foundations' as if the battle for the Hearts and Minds
of the Logician-in-the-street was still wide open, which i
suspect it wasn't by then.  But then Quine was an oddball.  We
need to hear ffrom the historians....

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