FOM: a message from the Moderator

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Wed Nov 8 18:36:32 EST 2000

Dear FOM subscribers,

Over the past 5 weeks or so, there has been a flood of FOM postings,
many of which were hasty and/or inaccurate and/or repetitive.  This
kind of series can damage FOM as a forum for high-level discussion of
issues and programs in f.o.m., because subscribers can get a bad
impression and unsubscribe.

In order to remedy the current unhealthy situation, I request that FOM
discussants exercise appropriate intellectual and professional
standards, taking account of well-known results in f.o.m., etc.  To
encourage a more thoughtful atmosphere, I am going to temporarily
limit postings to one per day per subscriber.

I apologize for not acting sooner.

In making this statement, I have the unanimous backing of the FOM
Editorial Board.

Best wishes to all,

-- Steve Simpson
FOM Moderator

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