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Professor Randall Holmes: If the universe is infinite then there are enough
objects to support an interpretation of the mathematics of the natural
numbers (and arguably also of the reals) in which each object we are
commmitted to is a physical object.

Amit: In the string theory view of the universe, an "elementary" particle
corresponds to a particular mode of a "vibrating string" as opposed to being
a "point" in space-time (with Heisenberg's uncertainities imposed on the
"point" as well as the "string"). An infinite mode of vibrations of the
string are allowed in this theory. Each vibration mode corresponds to a
particular "elementary" particle.

Thus, in string theory view of the universe, an infinite number of
elementary particles exist. In my opinion, if such a view of the physical
universe is a better theory than previous physical theories then, the term
"elementary" (w.r.t. its usage as an adjective for particles) should be done
off with. In any case, string theory allows for "existence" of infinite
number of particles in the universe.

Amit Agarwal
University of Missouri, Rolla

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