FOM: infinity of the universe

Kanovei kanovei at
Mon Nov 6 16:03:31 EST 2000

> From: holmes at
> Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 10:20:05 -0700
> Dear All,
> If the universe is infinite then there are enough objects to 
> support an interpretation of the mathematics of the natural numbers

Let me pay tribute to this sort of writing and ask 
Mr. Holmes the following

And what if the universe is not infinite ? 
How can we know is it finite or infinite ? 
If it is infinite is it actually or potentially ? 
If it is only potentially what is the size of this potential ? 
If it is infinite is there a place for (my favorite) unicorns ? 
    (remark: as a unicorn is just a certain finite combination of 
     elements it can arguably be implemented somewhere)


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