FOM: constructive mathematics

Steve Stevenson steve at
Fri May 26 14:32:00 EDT 2000

Matthew Frank writes:
 > Simpson says:  "there are also full-fledged constructivists like Bishop,
 > Bridges, Richman, etc.", where by constructivism he means "a subjectivist
 > position, according to which mathematics consists of constructions in the
 > mind of the mathematician."
 > I doubt that that any of Bishop, Bridges, or Richman believe this (Richman
 > has been very explicit to the contrary); if you can find me quotes showing
 > that they do or did, I will be surprised.

	Wouldn't the subjectivist label better fit Brouwer? My reading
of Bishop's papers on this would lead me to think he didn't subscribe
to this view. Curmudgeon, maybe, if you read the below cited work :-)

	Besides, I think labeling arguments might be worthwhile
concept when trying to understand "where this argument is coming
from." People aren't always consistent to their labeling.

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