FOM: Re: V=L Conjecture

Martin Davis martin at
Sun May 14 01:23:13 EDT 2000

At 12:50 AM 5/14/00 -0400, Harvey Friedman wrote:
>I came up with a very strong reasonably precise formulation of the thesis
>               ...  ....  ...
>***) every mathematical natural statement for the form "for all
>mathematical objects, such and such holds" where such and such is set
>theoretically bounded, other than those discovered by Friedman and a few
>close associates, is provable or refutable in ZFC + V = L.

>Does Harvey mean "theorem" where he writes "statement"? He can hardly know 
>that the Riemann Hypothesis orGoldbach's Conjecture is "provable or 
>refutable in ZFC + V = L".


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