FOM: Some Old philosophical questions

Mohammad Sal Moslehian MSALM at
Mon May 8 10:41:24 EDT 2000

I have some important old questions. Would you please like to answer them 
as a mathematician. Thanks a lot in advance.


(A1). Is there anything (so called "reality" as an unseen world) beyond 
human experiences (so called "appearances" or "phenomenon" as a sensible 

(A2). Is there any distinction or separation between "phenomenon" and 
"reality"? why?

(A3). Why should we assume that there is "reality"? Isn't it superfluous?


What is "reality"? What is a "phenomenon" (or an "appearance")?

Suppose that there is "reality".

Is "reality" essentially of mathematical form, in other words, is it 
necessary to use the mathematics for perceiving, explaining, justifying or 
describing "reality"?

(i) If the answer is No, why do we study the mathematics?

(ii) If the answer is Yes, how does the mathematics help us to improve our 
understanding of "reality"?

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