FOM: administrative announcement: FOM Editorial Board

FOM Moderator owner-fom at
Wed Jun 28 19:53:07 EDT 2000

Dear FOM subscribers,

I am happy to announce that Andreas Blass, Carl Jockusch, David Marker
and Alasdair Urquhart have agreed to join the FOM Editorial Board.
With the addition of these distinguished senior f.o.m. researchers,
the board is now complete.  It consists of:

  Stephen Simpson <simpson at> -- Founder, Moderator, Editor

  Harvey Friedman <friedman at> -- Founder, Editor

  Martin Davis <martin at> -- Referee, Editor

  Andreas Blass <ablass at> -- Editor

  Carl Jockusch <jockusch at> -- Editor

  David Marker <marker at> -- Editor

  Alasdair Urquhart <urquhart at> -- Editor

The Editorial Board will be of great help to me in my role as
moderator.  In addition, individuals may now communicate with any or
all editors about matters of FOM policy.

As for day-to-day FOM operations, the inauguration of an Editorial
Board does not imply any fundamental change.  The only new feature is
that editors are now authorized to deal with subscribers and approve
their messages for posting on FOM.  After a message is so approved,
the subscriber will e-mail it to <fom at> for immediate
posting under his/her own name, with the editor's name also noted.  At
the same time, subscribers retain the option of e-mailing messages
directly to <fom at> without prior approval, just as in the
past.  I will immediately approve and post such messages, so long as
they are polite in tone and have some serious f.o.m. content.

Best wishes to all,

-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator


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