FOM: Some thought on "Realism"

Peter Schuster pschust at
Mon Jun 19 10:37:30 EDT 2000

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>From owner-fom at Thu Jun 15 22:04 MET 2000
>Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 14:06:57 -0400
>From: Joe Shipman <shipman at>

>To maintain that the twin prime conjecture is indeterminate, you don't
>have to deny the determinacy of the property  "primeness", nor do you
>have to deny ontological status to any integers.  You just need to deny
>that the SET of integers exists as a completed whole.

Doesn't it suffice to reject the idea that all properties/subsets 
of integers are decidable/detachable? 

I cannot see why one had to deny the integers "as a completed whole". 

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