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Thu Jun 15 16:32:22 EDT 2000

To follow up on Andrew Arana and Steve Simpson's
postings -- I can only applaud the attempt to restore
foundations of mathematics to a central place in logical
research.  The relation of logic to philosophy was (as
Andrew Arana pointed out) virtually undiscussed at the ASL meeting.

One of the things that struck me in the ASL panels was that
a lot was said about how logicians could go about impressing
their fellow mathematicians.  Not a word was said about
the plight of logicians in philosophy departments.
Over the past few decades, their situation has in my opinion
got worse.  Logic had relatively high prestige in the late 60s,
in philosophy departments, but this is no longer so.
Philosophy departments are largely moving in the direction of 
bio-medical ethics, business ethics and similar 
topics in applied philosophy.

Philosophy departments teach lots of introductory logic courses,
but serious logicians in philosophy departments are an endangered
species, I believe.  At least this is so in North America; in Europe, the
situation may be a little better.

-- Alasdair

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