FOM: non-standard analysis

Philip Percival P.Percival at
Mon Jun 12 04:44:01 EDT 2000

Could someone help me with some basis questions? I need to 
know whether non-standard analysis affords a way of dealing with 
infinite products of reals (in the unit interval). 

In general, are infinite products of such reals infinitesimals, and do 
different infinite products of reals yield different infinitesimals? In 

(1) is, say, .5 to the power omega an infinitesimal?
(2) if so, is .6 to the power omega a larger infinitesimal?
(3) if so, does every infinite product of reals (so to speak, no matter 
how diverse) yield an infinitesimal?

I really need to know this quickly! Please reply off list and many 
thanks in advance.

Philip Percival

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