FOM: Wolfram talk

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Fri Jan 28 14:55:16 EST 2000

Wolfram Inc is the software company that markets Mathematica, a
symbolic math package.  Today a guy from Wolfram Inc wrote to me
pointing out the existence of a talk by Stephen Wolfram with
``Foundations of Mathematics'' in the title.  Would anyone care to
read this and review it for FOM?

-- Steve


 From: benw at
 To: simpson at
 Subject: f.o.m.--talk by Stephen Wolfram
 Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 11:12:46 -0600
 Dear Prof. Simpson:
 Readers of the FOM mailing list may be interested in a talk that
 Stephen Wolfram gave in August 1999 entitled "Foundations of
 Mathematics and Mathematica".
 There is a transcript of the talk at
 The talk contains hints of material from part of Dr. Wolfram's
 long-awaited magnum opus "A New Kind of Science"  ( )
 Benjamin Wilson
 Wolfram Research, Inc.

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