FOM: attitudes of core mathematicians and applied modeltheoriststoward f.o.m.

Steve Stevenson steve at
Thu Jan 27 16:15:46 EST 2000

Mark Steiner writes:
 > Steve Stevenson wrote:
 > >
 > > Mark:
 > >         This is wonderful information for me. I'm in the process of
 > > trying to develop "guidelines" for validating these large scientific
 > > simulations. I'm trying to find and read the "scientific explanation"
 > > literature. It keeps referring to Hempel and Oppenheimer in '48 as the
 > > start point.
 > First, I believe that it was Hempel and Oppenheim, not Oppenheimer (he
 > had his own problems in '48).
Yes, you're quite right...quoting without looking. Thanks again for
the information. It's a big help.



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