FOM: attitudes of core mathematicians and applied model theoriststoward f.o.m.

Steve Stevenson steve at
Thu Jan 27 11:36:27 EST 2000

	This is wonderful information for me. I'm in the process of
trying to develop "guidelines" for validating these large scientific
simulations. I'm trying to find and read the "scientific explanation"
literature. It keeps referring to Hempel and Oppenheimer in '48 as the 
start point.

	Any hints?

Best regards,


 >  Much suprise.... It took another 30 years for philosophy
 > > to act on the 1948 insights.
 > >
 > 	I'm dying to know: what happened in philosophy in 1978 (aside from my
 > arrival in Jerusalem)?

In 1977 there was a big meeting 

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                  Philosophic Understanding of Scientific Theories}, 
  pages =	 {3--244, 617--730},
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My source here says that this is the last of the "philosophy of
science is verification" meetings and that researchers started looking 
at the conduct of science rather than the verification of
science. True? More insights?

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