FOM: Godel, f.o.m.

Stephen Fenner fenner at
Sun Jan 23 15:12:37 EST 2000

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Vaughan Pratt wrote:
> It is true that a few computer science departments had their origins in
> science departments rather than engineering.  For example Stanford's
> computer science department was originally a department within
> the School of Humanities and Sciences, spun off from mathematics.
> Berkeley's computer science department began in the late 1960's in the
> College of Letters and Science.  And Sydney University's Basser Computing
> Department, was originally a department of Sydney's huge (7-department)
> School of Physics within the Faculty of Science.

Also at the University of Chicago (my alma mater), the Computer Science
department spun off from the Math department in the early 80s.


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