FOM: Godel, f.o.m.

Samuel S. Kutler s-kutler at
Tue Jan 18 01:45:33 EST 2000


I have read your reply only once, but I thought that your paragraph about
the essence:

>The essence of his achievment can be stated in a very general way. Many
>many times, Godel came up with definitive striking mathematical results
>which are forever essential in the discussion of a variety of fundamental
>issues in f.o.m. and p.o.m., and he did this in the context of there being
>essentially little or nothing in the way of an organized mathematical field
>to provide a mathematical context with feedback and background information.
>The structure and scope of the results were entirely novel and
>unprecedented. The very possibility of such decisive rigorous results was
>beyond the imagination of all or almost all of his contemporaries.

doesn't remember to say what the essence is.

Am I wrong?

Best wishes,

Sam Kutler

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