FOM: Question relating to Prof. Borzacchini's Comments.

Steve Stevenson steve at
Tue Feb 15 10:19:57 EST 2000

This morning I read, in the current SIAM News, Phillip Davis' review
of Ian Hacking's *The Social Construction of What?* . I admit I didn't
study it but it seems to have some of the same points as
Prof. Borzacchini. 

My question to those who have read the book: does it shed light on
the foundations of mathematics? I got the impression that Prof. Davis did.

  author =	 {Ian Hacking},
  title = 	 {The Social Construction of What?},
  publisher = 	 {Harvard University Press},
  year = 	 1999,
  note =	 {ISBN: 067481200X}

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