Harvey Friedman friedman at
Mon Feb 14 23:44:09 EST 2000

As cofounder of the FOM e-mail list, I am pleased to announce a major
improvement on the FOM e-mail list Archive page at

You can now search the index pages only with a string. This is the third
option for searching, and reads

Using fgrep to search index pages only:

Let me give you an example of how useful this important addition is. I'll
pick an unbiased example of its use (smile). Suppose you want to look up
all of my postings. You type in

Harvey Friedman

and, wow, you get 394 links to all of them, in simple, clean form.
(Actually, you get also a few that have my name in the subject headers).

And if you type in

Stephen G Simpson

you get 500 links to his postings! (Darn -- 500 > 394).

And, e.g., suppose you want to dig out all postings that are specifically
about generic absoluteness (in the subject header). You get nice, clean
links to all five!

We should all be grateful to the Moderator and Cofounder, Steve Simpson,
for this valuable improvement.

PS: Some of you may not be too familiar with this Archive page. I have
found "Individual FOM Postings" the most useful link to see what is
happening, generally, on the FOM.

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