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                  W V O QUINE 1908 - 2000 

The death is announced of Willard Van Orman Quine on December  
25 2000 after a brief illness.   

Quine was born on June 25 1908. He graduated from Oberlin  
College Ohio in 1930 and graduated Ph.D. from Harvard in 1932. 
He served for four years during the World War II in United  
States Navy Intelligence.  He was named Edgar Pierce Professor  
at Harvard in 1956, and remained in that position until his  
retirement in 1978.  He will remembered by logicians for his  
systems NF ('New Foundations for Mathematical Logic', 1937)  
and ML (Mathematical Logic, 1940, 1951), as well as for Set  
Theory & Its Logic (1963, 1969), for a score of more  
philosophical books including Word and Object (1960) and  
Philosophy of Logic (1970, 1981), and for innumerable further 
contributions on a wide variety of logical and philosophical 

Quine was President of the Association for Symbolic Logic from 
1953-1955 and President of the American Philosophical Association 
in 1957.  He was elected Corresponding Fellow of the British 
Academy in 1959, Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences in 
1977, and a Member of the Institut de France in 1978.  He was 
awarded the Charles University gold medal in 1993, the Rolf Schock 
Prize in 1993, and the Kyoto Prize in 1996.  Quine was the  
recipient of many other honours and awards, including 18 honorary  

An obituary notice by his son Douglas (from which most of the  
above information is drawn) is to be found at 
See also today's edition of The New York Times at 


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