FOM: A contemporary Hilbert? ivhtmon at
Fri Dec 15 03:43:20 EST 2000

Dear list-members,

I have just finished reading Jeremy Gray's interesting  _The Hilbert 
Challenge_ (Oxford University Press, 2000) on Hilbert's famous 1900 
list of problems and its influence on 20th century mathematics. 

Naturally, this has made me wonder if some present day Hilbert has 
given a similarly ambitious talk on the occasion of the new 
milennium. Does anyone know of any talks or papers trying to asses 1) 
the most important mathematical problems, 2) the goals of mathematics 
in the 21th century, 3) the nature of mathematics and the relations 
between theories and problems, pure and applied mathematics, 
mathematics as a whole and its subdisciplins etc etc?

Best regards,

Terese  M. O. Nielsen

Ph.D. student in the Philosophy of Mathematics
Department of the History of Science, Aarhus University

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