FOM: set theory meeting in Boise

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Tue Dec 5 12:02:41 EST 2000

  From: Tomek Bartoszynski <tomek at>
  Subject: BEST 10
  Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 18:11:56 -0700 (MST)
                Friday, March 23 - Sunday, March 25, 2001 
  We are pleased to announce our tenth annual BEST conference. 
  There will be 4 talks by invited speakers: 
  James Cummings (Carnegie-Mellon University)  
  Carlos DiPrisco (IVIC, Venezuela) 
  Joel Hamkins (CUNY/Staten Island and Carnegie-Mellon University)  
  Simon Thomas (Rutgers University)
  The talks will be held on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday in the
  Department of Mathematics at Boise State University. 
  BEST social events are planned as well.
  The conference webpage at 
  contains the most current information including lodging, abstract
  submission, maps, schedule, etc.
  Anyone interested in giving a talk and/or participating
  should contact one of the organizers as soon as possible.
  Limited financial support is available, in particular for graduate
  students. In order to apply, e-mail one of the organizers and we will
  send you the required paperwork. 
  Tomek Bartoszynski: tomek at 
  Paul Corazza:  corazza at 
  Justin Moore:  justin at 
  You can also reach all three of us by writing to  
                 best at
  The conference is  supported by a grant from the National
  Science Foundation, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

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