FOM: Book recommendation

Roger Bishop Jones rbjones at
Mon Aug 21 06:15:56 EDT 2000

Steve Simpson observes:

> I regard Manzano's reductions of alternative logics to first-order
> logic as being very reasonable.  Don't you agree?

I don't know what "reasonable" is intended to mean here and I have not seen
Manzano's book.

The purpose of my posting was to resist the suggestion that any possible
reduction would settle the case against "alternative logics", which I am
comfortable doing without having seen Manzano's.

For those of use who care about meaning and truth a necessary condition of a
reduction securing that effect would be that it preserve meaning and truth.

I do not need to consult Manzano's book to know that if he offers a
reduction from standard second order logic to first order logic then that
reduction cannot preserve truth, let alone meaning.

Roger Jones

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