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 Subject: Call for Papers: DIAGRAMS 2000
                            Diagrams 2000
 An International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
                    Final call for participation.
                         September 1-3, 2000
                       University of Edinburgh
 Driven by the pervasiveness of diagrams in human communication and by the
 increasing availability of graphical environments in computerised work, the
 study of diagrammatic notations is emerging as a research field in its own
 right.  Diagrams 2000 is intended to become the premier international
 conference series in this field and will attract participants from applied
 linguistics, architecture, artificial intelligence, cognitive science,
 computer science, education, graphic design, history of science,
 human-computer  interaction, philosophical logic, psychology and other
 areas.  It merges successful workshop series that have been organised
 during the last few years: Thinking with Diagrams, Theory of Visual
 Languages, Reasoning with Diagrammatic Representations, and Formalizing
 Reasoning with Visual and Diagrammatic Representations.  Diagrams 2000
 provides a forum with sufficient breadth of scope to encompass researchers
 from all academic areas who are studying the nature of diagrammatic
 representations and their use by humans and in machines.
 The programe will include invited talks and tutorials by Alan M.
 MacEachren, Kim Marriott, David Gooding, Hermi Schijf, Jiajie Zhang.  In
 response to the call for papers over 120 papers and posters were submitted.
 After review 31 full papers and 10 posters have been invited for
 presentation and publication.  
 Diagrams 2000 is:
 - in cooperation with the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
 - funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
 - hosted by the Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC).
 Program Chairs:
 Michael Anderson, University of Hartford (USA)
 Peter Cheng, University of Nottingham (UK)
 Volker Haarslev, University of Hamburg (Germany)
 For further information and to register for the conference please see the
 Diagrams 2000web site:

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