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 Subject: [CFP] Foundations of the Formal Sciences II (FotFS II)
 Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 14:26:45 +0200 (CEST)
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                       FotFS II
   Applications of Mathematical Logic in Philosophy and Linguistics,
         Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn
      Mathematisches Institut & Philosophisches Seminar LFB III
                November 10th to 13th, 2000
 "Foundations of the Formal Sciences" (FotFS) is a series of
 interdisciplinary conferences in mathematics, philosophy, computer science
 and linguistics. The main goal is to reestablish the traditionally strong
 links between these areas of research that have been lost in the past
 The talks of the conferences will be addressed at a general audience,
 but their objective is to teach techniques and methods from the
 different parts of the Formal Sciences to researchers from other
 FotFS II with the subtitle "Applications of Mathematical Logic in
 Philosophy and Linguistics" will bring speakers from all parts of the
 Formal Sciences together to give a holistic view of how mathematical
 methods can improve our philosophical and technical understanding of
 language and scientific discourse, ranging from the theoretical level up
 to applications in language recognition software.
 The conference will be organized in six sections:
  (A) Modal Logic
  (B) Philosophy of Science
  (C) Theory of Truth & Definability
  (D) Philosophy of Mathematics
  (E) Set Theory & Model Theory in Linguistics
  (F) Recursion Theory & Proof Theory in Linguistics
 Each section will have two invited speakers (one hour talks) and three
 contributed talks (30 minute talks). The list of invited speakers includes
 A. Baltag (Amsterdam), J. van Benthem (Amsterdam), L. Horsten (Leuven), M.
 Kracht (Berlin), K.-U. Kuehnberger (Tuebingen), M. Piazza (Roma), M.
 Rotter (Koeln), H.-J. Tiede (Bloomington IL), L. van der Torre
 All talks will be given to a general audience of mathematicians,
 logicians, philosophers and linguists. Since we intend to promote
 genuinely interdisciplinary joint work, we would like to have talks that
 are neither general surveys nor specialized research announcements, but
 presentations of problems and techniques.
 The ideal talk at FotFS II would describe certain techniques at the level
 of understanding of a knowledgeable but not necessarily specialized
 researcher, apply the techniques to an illustrative example, and then move
 on to list open problems that might possibly be tackled with these
 If you are interested in giving a talk, please send 
   (a) your name, affiliation and address,
   (b) the title of your talk,
   (c) the section your talk is supposed to belong to, and
   (d) an abstract of at most 15 lines
 to fotfs at or fill in the form on the website
 before OCTOBER 1st, 2000.
 There will be a proceedings volume with refereed papers of the invited
 speakers. We plan to reserve some space for extended abstracts (3 to 5
 pages) of the contributed papers subject to a refereeing process.
 We shall collect a conference fee of DM 30 (= $ 15) covering material and
 other expenses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the
 organizers via
                        fotfs at
 All the very best,
 Benedikt Loewe (Bonn)
 Wolfgang Malzkorn (Bonn)
 Thoralf Raesch (Potsdam)

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