FOM: some administrative announcements

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Thu Sep 16 18:26:23 EDT 1999

Dear FOM subscribers,

Here are some FOM administrative announcements.

1. I have reorganized the on-line individual postings archive at the
   FOM home page <>.

   a. Individual postings are no longer displayed as plain text files
      but rather as HTML files, i.e., web pages.  This solves a
      problem that some users have been experiencing because their web
      browsers do not correctly display plain text files.

   b. There is a new feature called ``threads''.  This is an attempt
      to automatically organize postings according to subject, with
      replies listed immediately after the message being replied to.

   c. The threading feature will work better if you use your mail
      software's ``reply'' button.  In this way your mail headers will
      contain information that can be used to generate threads.  (But
      this only works with regular fom, not fom-digest.)  It may also
      help to use the same subject line as the message that you are
      replying to.

2. I have slightly changed the FOM information file to clarify a few
   points.  It now says explicitly that each posting is to have an
   informative subject line, all postings are in the public domain,
   and only fom and fom-digest subscribers are allowed to post.  The
   current FOM information file is always available at the FOM home
   page, or by sending ``info fom'' to <majordomo at> (in
   the message body, without quotation marks).

3. In order to cope with spam and other awkward matters, I have set up
   a ``junk'' web page at

   The ``junk'' page is not part of FOM.  Rather, it is a repository
   or outlet for some related material.

Best wishes to all,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

Name: Stephen G. Simpson
Position: Professor of Mathematics
Institution: Penn State University
Research interest: foundations of mathematics
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