FOM: Conway's foundational ideas (adriano p palma) palma at
Wed May 26 08:29:14 EDT 1999

I suggest only that there is no reason mathematical, social, or otherwise
to establish aparthied ghettoes for violets or people of any other colour.
It is a funny fact that anyone should point out something this trivial.
as for the credential of Conway, I suggest to drop any argument to
His contributions are worthwhile, fine. If they are not, the contributions
can be criticized, refuted, doubted and so forth.
nothing else.
Personally I am of the view that the foundational positions of working
mathematicians are as interesting as anybody else's more directly involved
in foundationl work (sets, categories, etc.)

best wishes.

I am writing only because the list is in danger of degenerating into a
shouting match, and already three unrelated people I know are unwilling to
write anytng or to read anything.


  Ratio, enim, nisi judex universalis esse deberet, frustra singulis datur. 
  [ _Questiones Naturales_, Adelard of Bath ] 

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