FOM: second order logic not a myth and related issues

Pat Hayes phayes at
Fri Mar 26 18:26:26 EST 1999

>Simpson says (in dialogue with Hayes?)
> > He has an agenda: to defend the integrity of mathematics against
> > the dark forces of postmoderism, especially those infidels who
> > misuse G"odel's name.
>There is some truth to that.  I am very passionate about foundations
>of mathematics.  So is Harvey, and that's why he and I started the FOM
>list.  And yes, I do see f.o.m. as part of a struggle against what one
>might call forces of darkness (not only postmodernists).
>Holmes comments:
>Oddly enough, I have similar passionate interests, and similar
>concerns about some of the same dark forces :-)

Just for the record, so do I.

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