FOM: General Intellectual Interest

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Tue Mar 23 05:58:25 EST 1999

Shipman wrote 1:38PM 3/21/99:

>>In support of Steve's contention that F.O.M. is of great "general
>>this week's TIME magazine names the 20 most influential minds of the 20th
>>(actually 24 people since three were teams), and the only mathematicians on
>>the list are Godel and Turing, both of whom are central to f.o.m.

Hayes 11:52AM 3/23/99 wrote:

>Maybe the question to ask is, how many mathematicians work for TIME, Inc.?
Maybe the question to ask is, how many logicians work for TIME, Inc.?
Maybe another question to ask is, why did Hayes ask his question?

Thayer wrote 6:08PM 3/21/99:

>I would have to read the article before believing this, since Goedel is also
>very trendy among the post-modernists (for, admittedly, the wrong reasons).
>Also Turing is closely associated with computers in many peoples' minds.
>Why were these two included?

Because of the obvious general intellectual interest of their work.

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