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Sun Mar 21 08:20:33 EST 1999

This is a self contained restatement of the 35th in a series of self
contained postings to fom covering a
wide range of topics in f.o.m. Previous ones are:

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FAVORITE SELF CONTAINED POSTINGS: 21, 25, 27, 31, 32, 34, 35'. (This
supercedes and clarifies 35.)

Harvey M. Friedman
March 21, 1999

Here we use the class of AE sentences to provide a model theoretic
interpretation of set theory with small large cardinals. It will be
convenient to allow the empty model. Thus any sentence that begins with a
universal quantifier has an empty model.

The special AE sentences are the sentences A of first order predicate
calculus with equality, the distinguished binary relation symbol <, and
zero or more constant, relation, and function symbols, with the following

1) A is a prenex sentence starting with one or more universal quantifiers
followed by one or more existential quantifiers followed by a quantifier
free formula;
2) in every countable model (M,<) of A, < is a linear ordering of the domain;
3) Let (M,<) be a countable model of A and x be any object outside its
domain. Then there is a unique model (M',<') of A, where (M,<) is a
submodel of (M',<'), dom(M') = dom(M) union {x}, and x is the greatest
element of M' (with respect to <').

The following provide useful background information:

THEOREM 1. Let A be a special AE sentence. Then 2) and 3) hold for
arbitrary M.

THEOREM 2. Every special AE sentence has models of every well ordered type.
The set of special AE sentences is recursively enumerable.

Let (M,<) be a model of the special AE sentence A. An embedding of (M,<) is
(as usual)
an isomorphism from (M,<) onto a submodel of (M,<). The crticial point of j
is the least element of dom(M) that is

PROPOSITION 3. Every special AE sentence has a countable model with an
embdding that has a critical point.

THEOREM 4. In ACA_0, Proposition 3 is equivalent to the consistency of ZFC
+ {there exists an n-subtle cardinal}_n.

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