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Michael Thayer mthayer at
Mon Mar 15 19:12:26 EST 1999

Steve Simpson asks:
>A good question.  But here you are getting into the realm of
>non-classical logics, or polylogism as I have been calling it lately.
>Intuitionistic logic rejects some basic classical laws such as
>either-or (tertium non datur).  Thus there are real questions about
>whether intuitionistic logic is compatible with a broad view of
>f.o.m. as being concerned with the place of mathematics in human
>knowledge as a whole.  (What would intuitionistic physics look like?)
>We can avoid these problems by sticking to PRA.

There was at one time quite a cottage industry in "Quantum Logic" following
an early paper on the topic by Birkhoff and von Neumann,  One newer
reference is:

R.I.G. Hughes, The Structure and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, pp.
178-217, Harvard University Press, 1989.

There is also a bunch of work on the web on computers that will use Quantum
Logic. But I am not sure of the relationship of this to the other QL.

Michael Thayer
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