FOM: software problems; missed postings

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Fri Mar 12 19:45:14 EST 1999

Dear FOM subscribers,

The FOM automatic mailing list software appears to be fully functional

Unfortunately, the software mishandled more than 40 FOM postings
between March 5 and March 11.  I believe these postings were mailed to
regular fom subscribers, but I don't think they were mailed to
fom-digest subscribers.  Fortunately, I saved these postings by hand,
and I have now inserted them into the March 1999 fom archive file,
<>.  They are also
available in the individual postings archive at
<>.  I have no plans to insert
them into the fom-digest archives.

If you are an fom-digest subscriber and need help to recover FOM
postings that you may have missed, please send me e-mail at
<simpson at>.

Best wishes to all,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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