FOM: reoly to Neil Tennant

John Mayberry J.P.Mayberry at
Fri Mar 12 05:01:59 EST 1999

I entirely agree with Neil Tennant, and I should have made it clear 
that my claim that "formal mathematical logic is part of set theory" 
applies only to *classical* logic. In fact, it seems to me that it is a 
mistake to place great importance on completeness in non-classical 
logics, if only because there is often no uncontroversial conception of 
what a "model" is in such logics - intuitionistic logic is a case in 
point here. These non-classical logics of of considerable interest on 
their own, and in some cases (intuitionistic logic, for example) are of 
direct relevance to FoM. In these logics, even the soundness of 
proposed logical axioms and rules can be a matter of controversy 
(Markov's Principle, for example).

John Mayberry
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University of Bristol

John Mayberry
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