FOM: wider cultural significance: polylogism

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Thu Mar 11 16:27:48 EST 1999

Vladimir Sazonov 06 Mar 1999 11:23:20

 > > some mathematicians and math educators in the United States are
 > > now pushing the idea of ethnomathematics -- different mathematics
 > > for different ethnic groups.
 > Is it serious?

Yes.  In 1990's United States, ethnomathematics is proposed seriously,
taught in publicly funded universities, etc.  Incredible and scary,
but it is happening.

 > By the way, I listened that Kolmogorov gave the following joke
 > definition of woman's (in contrast to man's) logic:

In 1990's United States this is no joke.  Feminist scholars have put
forth a theory to the effect that `non-linear' female modes of
reasoning are preferable to `linear' male modes of reasoning.  Also,
postmodernists attack the `logo-phallo-centric' culture.

-- Steve

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