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Tue Mar 9 15:26:03 EST 1999

	1) The Herbrand-Godel correspondance about recursive functions had
been first declared lost by Godel in Vienna during the thirties; but Sieg
reports, in his paper for the volume edited by A. George ("Mathematics and
Mind", Oxford 94, p. 82), that it has been found again in Godel's Nachlass.
Could someone tell me if these letters are now published or accessible ?

	2) In his introductory note to Godels 1936 paper on speed-up
(Collected Works I, 394 sq), Parikh evokes some infelicities in Godel's
proof, and he refers the reader to an unpublished typescript by M.K.
Solomon in 1981. Is this paper (or, better, some paper superseding it) now
published ? More generally, what could be considered as a good introduction
to the present state of art concerning speed-up ?

	Many thanks for your help,

	Jacques Dubucs

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