Thomas Forster T.Forster at
Tue Mar 9 09:06:36 EST 1999

>I would be grateful for comments so I can confirm that I have not 
made an elementary mistake - the basic idea behind the model seems so 
ridiculously simple. 

Don't get your hopes too high - as you perhaps suspect, plenty of
people have at various times in the past belived they have proved
this result by precisely those means.  Indeed at this very moment
i have in my in-tray another article claiming the same result by the
same method!
    But don't be discouraged either.  There's no obvious reason why
such a strategy shouldn't work.  The hard part is to see how to
make good use of the strong principles that one knows one has to
    You will probably hear from Emerson Mitchell, who is (i think)
on at least one of the mailing lists you are sending this to.
        v best wishes
           Thomas Forster

(apologies if this is a repetition - my mailer has been telling me
that earlier copies haven't gone out beco's of duff addresses. It
may be telling porkies...)

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